("RODNA ZEMLJA" can be translated as "Home Land")


This website is dedicated to HomeLand rememberance, of beautiful places, travels, events and people.

There are just two events on this site at the moment, both related to world oldest Vine. First is harvest-festival or Old Vine Festival 2008 in the place called "Lent" in Maribor city. The second is Old Vine Festival in Melbourne 2008 (not in the city center of course, but in near Yarra valley vineyards). Main goal and idea of this website is content enrichment by adding photos, stories and video clips. The desire is to show-off our homeland (Slovenija) and other's people "homelands" as well, which are somehow related to Slovenija.

The name "Rodna zemlja" could mean fertility soil as well. And the basic idea was offering pure natural Slovenian soil to the interested customers. It was mostly ment for those Slovenians living abroad which can not come to native country and dig some home dirt for flowers, but would like to have some homeland rememberance, or just seed something into "homely" soil.

This idea stopped because of difficulties to import such substances in some countries. For instance in Australia:) It would be impossible to get through customs control. They would probably recognize my attempt as a bad joke, to export dirt (with all its living organisms) in AU. I did consider on soil sterilization and certified packing... but, the dirt isn't "fertility" any more. Otherwise: for what reason one Slovenian man living abroad would not be allowed to order little bag of genuine Slovenian soil for birthplace rememberance sake, especial when that soil would be digged at exact place by ones instruction?

SO, this "soil" became "land", because there is too much trouble with the real dirt: it is better to photograpf homeland by order. Current idea is to photograph Slovenia at places that are interesting for people, who can not come to look at that places by theirself. Possibly to see their birthplace, home town, or just the place they were in the past. Our team will go at specific place to film and photograpf home village, old home house, land. Short documentary film with interviews of living relatives could also be an option. All the finished material is delivered by e-mail, or regular mail (for DVDs).

No limits !

Mihael Tominšek
(my first completion of one's wish was to seek, visit and connect old uncle with home family, by using film and photos. Nobody saw the man for 58 years, without a voice from him for the last 15 years. Maybe I'll publish some clips here in the future.)